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Picking your paint. Brand, Finish, Color

by AccentPainting on June 13th, 2012
There are so many different house paint brands on the market today. They all claim to be the best quality, have the best coverage, and the most color options. But how do you know what is the best paint to choose to paint each specific painting project within your home? Do we go with Oil or Latex? What about the paint finish? Is there a difference between Flat and Eggshell? Which paint offers the best quality for the best price? Should I go to a specialty paint store or is it ok to purchase from one of those big home supply stores?
Choosing Best Paint to Use for Your Painting Project
Well, just like anything else, different paint brands have different levels of quality and pricing. Just because a paint brand is much cheaper than another one, does not mean that you are getting the best for your buck. Just like when shopping for clothes, there are different stores that may offer the same shirt in the same color. But often times the shirt purchased in the more expensive department store is actually a better quality than the shirt purchased at one of those big super stores. So yes, you do get what you pay for and the same goes with paint. Don’t buy a paint brand just because it is cheap. Do your research first.And remember that when looking for the best paint to choose, you are not just looking for the brand. The next step is finding the right color. Keep in mind that most paint supply stores can mix any color as long as they have the color code. So, if you really like a specific color in a certain paint brand you can have it mixed in your paint brand of choice. You can also bring a paint chip with you and they can match the color that way.Once your have your color picked out, you will need to know what paint finish you would like to use as well as whether to go with Oil or Latex. The paint finish is pretty easy. There are a few different options: Flat, Eggshell, Satin, Semi Gloss, and Gloss. They finishes move up from no sheen to high sheen. This is how much the paint shines and reflects light. Flat is great for ceilings. Eggshell is great for walls in the bedroom and other living spaces. Satin is a good option for the bathroom or kitchen because it is washable. Semi Gloss is a good choice for Trim and Doors.Lately there has been a big debate on Oil and Latex paints. With all of the new VOC laws, many states are trying to be more eco-friendly and stay away from paints that let off heavy fumes. Oil does have a high smell to it, so if used you really need to have the proper ventilation. Latex is a water based paint, but it is just as durable now a days. Many painters are even using Latex paint for house exteriors. But it is really up to you on what direction to go in. If you ask around you will get mixed opinions. Many of the old school painters swear by oil and will not make the switch for things like cabinets, trim, and doors. If you are concerned about paint fumes, then definitely go with a good quality latex.Another thing that is important for a paint’s quality and durability is the prep work. You really need to take the time to prepare your surface properly before applying the paint. This means that your surface should be cleaned first and then holes and cracks will need to be puttied, sanded, dust removed, and then primed. And paint application can also be crucial. Be sure to follow the instructions on the paint can.If you are planning on hiring us as your painting contractor, then you can always ask us what advice we have on paint brands and finishes. We have paint brands that we use more than others, although I won’t advertise for them on my blog. Ask me why I prefer these brands when you contact me about your project. Never be afraid to ask questions. I have years of experience working with paint.

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